Successful Project work with Young Learners – BELTA day 2015

Last weekend I attended the excellent BELTA day 2015 conference. I was privileged to be one of the many speakers who attended the conference and the following post provides a link to the Prezi I used with embedded audio notes. You can view the Prezi by clicking on the following link –

When the link opens, make it full screen and click the play button in the bottom left hand corner. The audio and slides will play automatically.

Useful links and books

  • Teaching Young Language Learners – Annamaria Pinter (Oxford University Press)
  • Process and Experience in the Language Classroom – Michael Legutke and Howard Thomas (Longman)
  • Projects with Young Learners – Diane Phillips, Sarah Burwood and Helen Dunford. (Oxford University Press)
  • Project work in the Young Learner classroom – Martin Sketchley
  • Project work with Young learners – Diane Phillips

To finish, I would like to thank the wonderful organisers of the BELTA day conference. There are too many names to mention, but their hard work both organising the event and on the actual day itself was tireless. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Brussels and I was very proud to be part of such an excellent event.

For those who wish to know more about BELTA and the excellent work they do, please click here.