Learner Diaries

I mentioned in my opening post, about project unplugged, that I would be asking each student to keep their own learner diary. They were given the chance to write in either their native language, Spanish, or in English. If they wanted I would also correct their writing. Again this was optional. I wanted the diaries to be a personal forum for expressing their feelings about the class and also to ask questions, or simply to write about what we had done that day.

All of the students have given me permission to publish their diaries and I will print exactly what has been written, regardless of spelling or grammar. This will hopefully retain the authenticity of the diaries and perhaps give the reader a better insight into the level of English, of the students.

4th October

“Today have been the first day of classes. It have been the beginning and I have met my new classmates and our new teacher, he’s Adam. We have to write this diary after classes. I believe that course will be different but interesting.”

“It’s sad to me because I don’t remember the basic rules of English but I think that in a few classes I would can remember. I don’t study English since the last year of high school and that was 4 years ago.”

6th October

“I liked this lesson because we had to speak in English about things that happen or happened in our lifes”

“At the moment, classes have been too interesting but I need to lose my ‘fear’ to speak English and improve my pronunciation.”

11th October

“Today we have had an enjoy class. We have worked about ‘wishes’, we have spoken and written about it. It have been a good class.”

“It was a very nice day because we spoke a lot between ourselves. I’m happy with this day, I wish that days like this are repeated.”

“I like the lesson because we spent the most of the time of the class speaking in English and I need to improve my oral English, and of course, the grammar.”

13th October

“We’re learnt to give advice (you can, you should, you could….) using for that the social network. I think it’s a correct and funny way to link the new technologies and the modals verb.”

“Today we have spoken about social networks. It has been an interesting class, because all my classmattes use them, but I not.”

“The class of the Thursday was a very dynamic. It wasn’t a tradicional class.”

“We did a original class, trying to solve problems that Adam proposed.”

18th October

“This lesson was very interesting. I learned a lot of vocabulary about the family. The text, that you gave owns, was very funny, the family histories of famous people, this TV programme who do you think you are?, is very interesting and in this class. I enjoyed a lot.”

“Today it has been a good class, we have spoken about the origin of names and surnames, about family tree and coat of arms. Classes are enjoying because we speak a lot.”

“I’ve visited the BBC’s programme page and I saw that every wednesday you can read a brief about the discovers. I’ve linked this page in my “Google reader” for reading every week about that.” 

20th October

“The listening has been good because Adam has spoken slowly and I have understood him”

“In this lesson we continued with the previous activity. It’s funny that we talked about our family. i like that we spoke a lot.”

“We were listened the history or the relationship that Adam have with his family and then we’ll have to speak about the same with our family. It’s good we have to talk because I really need to improve my oral skill.”

25th October

“In my opinion the classes are very interesting and the way of teach is enjoyable. In the last class I liked the idea of comment differents news in groups. Also I like that each complex word be written on the table. Finally I think is important talk about things, such as our family because we learn very important vocabulary.” 

“In this class we spoke about the news of the newspaper. I enjoyed a lot. The groups were passed the news we were commenting each story. I like this activity.”

“Today, has been a very good class, we have spoken during all time about our families and some news. We have had to think and spike about some pictures actually matters. the class has been enjoy.”

27th October

“The activity of writing the story was very funny. We speak a lot. The reading was interesting for understand the text and I like put the words in the text to learn more about this words (but, and, when,….)”

“Today, we have written a history about a picture that the teacher give ours. Interesting class! We have written together and it has been an enjoy class.”

“Today was an interesting day because we have worked by our own in a story.”

“something bad was the beginning of the writing, I think that the brainstorm could be longer because we felt a little bit bored when you left.”

“The first activity I enjoyed, because I like it, and because it has a important message. Also i like to write the words it didn’t been on the copy. The activity of writing a history with a picture I think it is great for getting creativity.”

“I would prefer to continue talking about the news, because you said the last day that we had to bring a new and then we’re going to talk about this new. We didn’t that, but we’ve read a story with a message and then we have written a story in group. It was funny although I think our story isn’t very good.”

So far it looks like everyone is enjoying the course and the majority of comments are all positive. It will be interesting to see how the diary entries progress over the course of the project. The fact that the majority of the class are actually filling out the diaries shows that they are taking an interest in the project and their own learning.

I would love to hear your comments about these diary entries.


3 thoughts on “Learner Diaries

  1. HI Adam,

    Thanks for sharing these. It’s really interesting to read about what your learners think. They all certainly seem to be happy with the amount they are speaking in class.
    I would be interested to know what the one student means by being “bored” when you left the room during the writing lesson? It’s interesting that he/she wanted more time for the brainstorming stage, as this is something that I wrote a lot about during my Delta when writing about the Process vs Product approach to writing. .
    One thing that trainees often forget, for both writing and speaking, is to give thinking time to the students. Did you feel like the students needed more thinking time, or was it a case of just wanting you in the room for longer as that makes them feel safer?
    I will be teaching a 35 minute writing lesson for the trainees on Thursday and I am going to try to make it a part of the process approach rather than the product approach which actually fits much easier into a 35 minutes lesson. I’ll let you know how I get on…!
    Have a happy Monday,

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