Learner diaries 3

Normally I would have a whole bunch of quotes to show you from the learners diaries, but it seems that for a whole bunch of reasons, exams, low attendance due to strikes and football matches and my own personal failure to keep on top of things, the diaries have taken a back seat and the pickings are slim.

Despite this, I wanted to share with you an extract from one of my favourite students, who has always maintained his diary and comes to class full of enthusiasm.  ( the extract has not been altered)

“We are used to talking about a several issues. If I remember correctly we had to talk about an interesting thing: couch surfing. Couch surfing is a website where we can travel to other countries and meeting people. If you have money, or not, it is not important because the most important thing of couch surfing is to make many friends and travel from one place to another place.

In my opinion, these was a good class because we could share our opinions about couch surfing and a partner talked his experience with us. When I heard his experience my mind was opened because I usually complain about the place where I go and when I heard him, I realised that the most important is enjoy wherever you are.

A couple weeks later Adam had to go to a conference, and a new teacher had to substitute him for one week. When Adam come back we start to talk about the general strike on Thursday. People goes to the strike waiting for changes, in favour of the working society.

If I had to propose a topic, I would like to talk about the customs in different parts of the world and bringing to class a short texts where we have to search for the country’s where the custom belongs. We can prepare, each of us, a country and to create some/any activity and explain it in class, too.

Another activity would be to choose one of this topic: abortion, euthanasia, love, history… And we can do a round table and comments on it.

I will think of some special activity for me and work on it. Maybe, after Easter week I can dedicate myself to prepare a couples of activities.”


5 thoughts on “Learner diaries 3

  1. Sounds like a great student – motivated, open to controversial topics, and eager to bring in his/her own research and presentations.

    I’ve just started asking learners to keep a diary so hopefully it will produce similar results. Any tips for making diaries successful?

    • Hi Ben – great to see your project is up and running 🙂
      I’m hijacking Adam’s blog for a moment to get in a quick plug for another IH Santander teacher extraordinaire 😉
      Adam will probably be presenting online at the next IH Teachers’ Online Conference with Noreen Lam on the very subject. Reserve your space now!

      • Thanks for the plug Emily! 😀 I only just noticed this today!

        Ben, the IH conference is set for Friday May 25 though we haven’t sorted out time for the workshop yet. However, if you can’t make it to that we hope to repeat later on as a stand alone online workshop, so people won’t have excuses not to know what LDs are by then! 🙂

        Depending on your learners (levels, ages, learning styles etc) we can chat about tips for sure!!!

  2. I love that you share the learner’s reflections. It shows how in tune with their learning they are. I think sometimes as teachers we don’t realize that if we gave them a choice and a voice about what they could and want to learn they would come up with really great ideas. Your student clearly has these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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