Learner Diaries 2

This is just another update from the learner diaries that my students are writing as part of project unplugged. These entries cover the month of November. The entries have not been altered in anyway and hopefully reflect the level of the students as well as the effort they are putting in to complete these diaries.

3rd November

Today we have spoken about ‘reported speech’. I didn’t know much about it. It has been interesting and I have learned a new thing. It has been an enjoyable class.

8th November

We reviewed the reported speech. It was very cool because it is what I have to study for the high school English. But in the group we finish a little bored because we were doing sentences in the cards for too long.

15th November

Today we have worked about the second conditional and then we have spoken about travel, types of transport, things that you should take and problems that you can have in travels. It has been a good class because we have spoken a lot and we have worked in groups about it.

This lesson have been very funny because we have talked about our interest for travel and why we want to go to this place. And we have learnt vocabulary about transport, objects for travel and problems during the travel. For me the reasons of my partners for his travel have been interesting.

I really enjoyed this lesson because we have spoke about many interesting things and we have learnt a lot of different new vocabulary that I didn’t know.

22nd November

This class was really amazing. At the beginning Adam started talking about his weekend and we had to talk about our weekend too. Later we listened some sounds from some situations and we had to say what was that situation.

About me, I feel really annoyed when I try to say something and I don’t find the correct word because I feel lost in the conversation, but I feel that I am improving my conversations and I am sure that with a little more practise I won’t have troubles in any kind of conversation, about simple things, and my speaking will be more fluid.

These days I couldn’t go to classes because this week I had three exams and i had to study. However I asked one of my partners what had they done in class and he told me..(student describes classes)………So it gave me annoying because I missed a lot of these days!!

29th November

Today, has been a different class; the teacher didn’t speak at first, and we had to start the class. That class was interesting because Adam did that we think how start a conversation. It was a good class because we spoke about our lifes.

I have arrived a little bit late because I had another class. I have tried to be discreet but Adam made me to said what i do in the gym. We talked about the busy time of our lifes and we imagined the ideal day with such more time.

This lesson was different at first because you didn’t talk and we didn’t know what we could do!! The rest of the class was entertaining because we could know why we are so busy and what would we like to do if we had more free time. and it was really interesting and we could talking a lot.




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