In the future when all’s well

I wrote this last week, on LinkedIn. I thought it might be worth sharing here.

Many of us in the ELT world are now preparing to switch to online teaching due to COVID-19, trying to maintain client satisfaction and continued learning for our students. This makes sense and will be easier for some than others. However, the idea that things will simply go back to normal in a few weeks or even a month may be misguided.

I am willing to bet that this will be the beginning of a dramatic shift in ELT. I have often wondered about how long the brick and mortar mode of delivering English teaching would last for. Now, I believe that we are about to see a huge sea change in the industry and within 5 years time, I predict the more established of the larger flagship schools will fall by the wayside, with many other schools, unfortunately, failing to survive what we are currently experiencing.

As with all large scale disruptions, a period of reflection and investigation will begin. My advice, for what it is worth, is to look at how to create a lot more flexibility in the delivery of classes. Invest in the right technology, future-proof yourselves with the right training. The physical schools that we know now are drawing their last breath and there will be a large gap for freelancers and well-organised Co-operatives to exploit.

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