Stand up and be counted – by Adam Beale

TEFL Equity Advocates

I recently started to apply to other academies here in Madrid. Several had been recommended by friends and colleagues and so I decided to send off my CV. I had an interview at one for a senior position, but no luck. I persevered and tried for another of the schools on my recommended list. Within a couple of hours of emailing them I received this response;

Hi there Adam,

Thanks for your email and interest in our schools. We are now holding interviews for the coming academic year 2016/17 between now and early September. Please get back to us and let us know which dates and times are good for you to attend an interview here in Madrid.

Our minimum requirements are that applicants be native speakers, hold a European passport (or have working papers for Spain),  have a degree, the CELTA (or equivalent diploma) and a minimum…

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3 thoughts on “Stand up and be counted – by Adam Beale

  1. Problem here is that being taught by a native speaker is what Spaniards expect from anywhere they are going to pay. Part of this comes from Spaniards’ belief that Spaniards can’t teach English well, the result of the fact that so many Spanish students with Spanish teachers do years of English at school here and can’t put more than a couple of sentences together at the end of it all. This contributes to the belief that any native speaker is likely to be better than a non-native.

    Ironically, what we would need would be bad native speaker teachers of English to get access to the Spanish education system (which, by the way, has always blocked almost all British degree holders from gaining access to civil service entrance exams, teachers being civil servants here in Spain. If Spaniards could see native speakers teaching badly in the state system alongside Spaniards teaching well, that might help.

  2. Hi Adam, this is Anastasia, I worked at IH Madrid NM during last academic year. Found your blog by accident, thanks for sharing some great stuff here, really enjoyed reading. Being a NNEST couldn’t stay away from commenting on this post. THANK YOU! Thanks to people like you, who share this attitude, there is a chance that things will change and schools will see candidates as professionals in the first place.
    Hope all is well with you and good luck with your career!


    • Hi Anastasia,

      Thanks for commenting. You’re more than welcome. It’s good to hear from you and I was disappointed to hear that you wouldn’t be continuing at IH this year. Their loss is another schools gain.

      All the best,


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