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This is a lesson idea that I put together for a group of proficiency students, who are taking part in a public speaking and communication course which I am currently teaching.

The main aim of the lesson is to draw students attention to the use of repetition, restatement and the power of 3 in speeches, to give emphasis.

I used the recent interview between comedian, Russell Brand and the well-known BBC broadcaster, Jeremy Paxman to illustrate my aims. The interview is fantastic and sees Russell Brand at his best, both compelling and eloquently spoken, with Jeremy Paxman playing the perfect devils advocate.

Here is the full video –

I also found the transcript of the video which can be found here –

I produced a very simple worksheet with some lead in questions and general discussion questions about the video itself. It is a word document so feel free to edit it as you see fit.

Repetition, restatement and the power of 3.

I have also put the transcript into a word document. The first is unedited. In the second I have highlighted repetition, restatement and the use of the threes.

Russell Brand Vs Jeremy Paxman On Newsnight 2013

Russell Brand Vs Jeremy Paxman On Newsnight 2013 annotated version

I hope you find this lesson useful. I would like to have written a more detailed lesson plan but with currently being in the middle of my DELTA, this is the best I could do for now.

Please leave any comments or suggestions for improvements and I will do my best to get back to you.