A quick re blog

Just wanted to give this blog a wider audience. Check out this post from Anthony Gaughn – http://teachertrainingunplugged.com/dogme-is-not-just-good-teaching/


3 thoughts on “A quick re blog

  1. Really interesting to read your insightful deconstructions of responses I often hear when discussing Dogme. They do seem to be attempts to distance the speaker from proper engagement in a discussion or to shut down the discussion altogether. A shame I think as we miss so many opportunities to explore and critique our practice(s), opportunities I relish, whether I agree with people or not. To get our teeth into and debate issues that we really care about is surely a progressive act.
    Thanks for a great post Anthony.

    • Thanks for replying here, Emma, and thanks for reading at all! I think it’s a shame too, especially as I suspect that most of the time these gambits get employed without any conscious desire to shut down reflection. Speaking solely for myself, much of the time when I’ve used them, it’s been in the interests of building bridges with my conversational partner, a way of establishing common ground. The fact that this does not serve enquiry is an unfortunate consequence of trying to be sociable, perhaps?!

      Thanks again for reading.

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