Steal this mix tape!!!

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This is more of a lesson extension than an actual lesson plan. The original idea comes from the excellent blog by Kieran Donaghy, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Image   conference last week. The lesson can be found here at Kieran´s excellent website Film English –

I added two activities to the lesson plan. The first involves an authentic text from the Guardian  and the second is a practical homework idea for the students.

Activity 1

The first activity is working with this text I found on the Guardian website,

I didn’t do much with it other than chop and edit the text so that it was level appropriate for my FCE class and add some comprehension questions. You can find the edited document here – Last night a mix tape saved my life

The article is perfect for extending the lesson and adding some depth to the subject.

Activity 2

The second activity involved some work on my part and then setting the students some homework.

Basically, I made my own mix tape and shared it with my students. I created the tape using Google drive and the presentation feature it offers. This is basically Google’s version of PowerPoint, but much easier and smoother to use as well as easier to share. I have made a short video to demonstrate exactly how I did it and to show a student’s mix tape.

Enjoy the lesson idea. I hope it’s useful.


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