Consider me an object and put me in a coursebook shaped vacuum

My shelf. Image by me.

So, a new school, a new start and a new teaching year. Also, a new topic to write about this year. Coursebooks. After a year of teaching without one, it seems like the obvious choice, right?

Well, my new school has issued me with coursebooks for all levels, pacing schedules and exam deadlines. There feels like very little freedom and space for experimentation. I don’t particularly want to rock the boat, well not just yet, so I am going to tow the line and confine my ramblings on the blog for my experience with the coursebooks.

I hope you will find it of interest.


3 thoughts on “Consider me an object and put me in a coursebook shaped vacuum

  1. so, one more challenge! Like your positive attitude, I might have considered changing jobs, then on second thoughts, getting a new job is not that easy? Food for thoughts: Shall we adapt our convictions about what is really good for learning when we work for institutions and schools? I will follow your experience, I’m sure that you’ll find the way to adapt your coursebooks to fit your convictions about learning.
    Debbie @datenglish

  2. Hi Adam,

    I think I’m looking forward to your blogs this year even more than last years – hopefully we’ll get lots of adapted materials out of you to share on the IH platform! And will you be presenting for us at IHTOC3 - ?

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